About Study Program

Biomedical Engineering is a study field that applies engineering principles to find the solution of problems in biology and medicine with the goal of improving health care. It combines basic sciences and engineering to develop, improve, and produce medical equipment or methodology.

Local and international internship programs will introduce the students to the environment of hospital management, medical industry, and research institution.


To become an excellent study program in the field of Biomedical Engineering with a high sense of integrity and responsibility, and to be recognized globally by the year 2025.


  1. Conducting University’s Tridharma activities through strong interaction among academic institutions and industries in the field of biomedical engineering
  2. Providing high quality education to produce excellent graduates that actively contribute to the application of biomedical engineering in the field
  3. Organizing and facilitating research carried out by the Civitas Academica in the development of the field of biomedical engineering for the advancement of technology as well as healthcare services
  4. Carrying out community services by implementing the results of research and development in the field of biomedical engineering
  5. Actively engaged in collaboration among industries, academic institutions, research institutions,government, and other organizations both local and international
  6. Improving quality and professionalism of academic and non-academic staff

What You Study

In the first year, the student will learn basic sciences, basics of electronics and programming, and also about the laboratories. Next, they will learn more advanced about electronics and programming, and medical sciences. The students will get research experience in the following year to prepare them for an internship abroad. In the last year of their study, students will learn the application of several biomedical engineering fields to prepare them to be ready to go into the work field.

Download the curriculum here.

Why in SGU

Biomedical Engineering is a developing field. The applications are wide, such as medical instrument, rehabilitation and assisting devices, medical imaging, cell engineering, bioinformatics, and many more. The study in Biomedical Engineering SGU will prepare students for these applications.

Career Prospect

Biomedical engineer careers are open in modern hospitals as clinical engineers, in the medical devices industry and suppliers, in the laboratory instrument business, and in research and development institutions.


Internship Destination


  • Agoes Soehianie, PhD.
  • Dr. rer. nat. Maruli Pandjaitan
  • Muhammad Fathony, PhD.
  • Fuad Ughi, ST., MT
  • Aulia Arif Iskandar, ST., MT.
  • Daniel Kartawiguna, ST., MM., M.Acc.
  • dr. Stefanus Widananta, MM.
  • Pratondo Busono, PhD.
  • Kholis Abdurachman Audah, PhD.
  • Dr. Dedy H.B. Wicaksono, ST., M.Eng.
  • Dr. dr. Minarma Siagian, M.S., AIF