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Do you want to build your future career in engineering principles to find the solution of problems in biology and medicine with the goal of improving health care? Do you want to gain a unique expertise for your future career? There are a plenty of Medical Devices in Indonesia and all over the world need Biomedical Engineers. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the companies and hospitals to find them, since there have not been many experts in Biomedical Engineering. Are you ready to grab this opportunity? Start now by studying Biomedical Engineering course in SGU. It is an international joint degree program in collaboration with German universities and other universities abroad.

Featured Testimonials

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Christopher Aldwin A.P.

SGU is one of the university that have double degree program that is short, it is around 4 years and also the experience of German life and work, when I was doing my internship at Germany, is very usefull especially if I want to continue study abroad.
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Sandiego Himawan

Assisting various Research Projects of doctoral candidates and senior researchers in Korea Institute of Science and Technology Europe, maintaining numerous cell line and 3D Spheroid such as MCF-7, DU145, Rainbow Trout Cell, and HepaRG.
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Aditya Dyan Pratama

Staff at Tawada Healthcare, To presenting to audience about the technology and advantage of having a certain medical equipment in their hospital. And to make sure the room preparation is suitable for the medical equipment to be installed..


Modern class rooms and laboratories equipped with modern instrument such as NI Elvis, NI myDAQ, 3D printer, infrared IC heater, and PC installed labVIEW,

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